Ruins on Egmont Key

The ruins that you see today, on Egmont Key, belie the busy fortification that it once was.

Gun battery

There were five batteries originally, but erosion has taken a huge toll.

You'll find Egmont Key to be fascinating and fun, whether your interest leans to history, nature, snorkelling, or just sunning on the beautiful beach. But remember, unlike many parks, there aren't dozens of convenient garbage cans that are magically emptied every night--PLEASE take all your garbage with you, off the island. Also, be respectful of the bird sanctuary area.

In 1858, after the Third Seminole War, the U.S. army used Egmont Key as a prison camp for captured Seminoles waiting for transport to Arkansas.

During the Civil War, Egmont Key was occupied by the Union Navy.

Mortar was located here

Mortar pit; unlike Fort De Soto, all mortars have been removed.

Building at edge of beach

At the edge of the beach area, another building in ruins.

There were five gun batteries, including mortars like those you can see at Fort De Soto. They had range of several miles.

There were also lighter 3 inch guns which were installed to control the shallow waters closer to the island.

The beaches

Great beaches, and snorkeling too.

When you return from the island, take a look at the Fort De Soto park museum. On a hot summer day, the fact that it's air conditioned might turn anybody into a history buff!

Enjoy the island--it's a treasure!

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