Soldiers at the encampment

An authentic encampment was available for the general public to tour through and talk to the reenactors who are "living historians". Here, troops relax after the battle in the encampment.

This event was hosted by Pinellas County Park Department, and sponsored by Friends of Ft. De Soto Inc., Pinellas County Parks Department, and the Fort De Soto Centennial Committee for the Spanish American War of 1898.

Spanish American war reenactors depicting 1898 U.S. troops, Cuban Insurrectos or freedom fighters, and the Spanish Regular troops were dressed in replica period uniforms.

Reenacting the battle at Las Guasimas.

The reenactors performed a battle reenactment of the first major battle of the Spanish American War at Las Guasimas on June 24, 1898.

Demonstrations of weapon firing

There were demonstrations of period weapons and blank firing. Here, Spanish troops demonstrate smokeless powder firing.

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