Canoes and kayaks and other conveyances are available for rent on the park grounds. However, it's also worth checking other places around town. Many businesses that sell canoes and kayaks will also rent them. They are very experienced with fitting up cars with temporary roof racks and getting the customer safely under way. They tend to rent by the day more than by the hour, and you may get a very good price, and in the bargain you might have more time to visit different places.

For example, you might visit Boca Ciega Millenium Park, just a short drive north of Fort De Soto Park, if you rent from one of the local shops. There Boca Ciega park has a launch area from which you can poke around in all of Boca Ciega bay--great for fishing or just relaxing and exploring.

The paved trails in the park are great for roller-blades and bicycles, and again, with a bit of checking around you can rent these as well.

Canoes, kayaks and bicycles for rent.

When you see the paved bicycle/skating/walking trail, you might have wish you could take a spin on a bicycle. This is the place to rent one.

Kayaks for rent.

If you prefer a kayak, step up and pick your color.

Canoes for rent.

When you're at the beginning of the canoe trail, maybe you should try a canoe!

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