Sinks to clean your fish

Sinks are provided to clean your catch.

The waters around the park have just about every kind of fish habitat. There are miles of flats, like around the east tip. There are channels with overhanging mangroves. There are occasional deep holes, thanks to bombing practice during World War II. There is lots of activity at the fishing piers, too.

If you want to use those sinks for more than washing your hands, you need some luck, and it helps to know your fish, your equipment, and the current conditions. The tides have a lot to do with the movements of local fish, and with their feeding activity.

Hopefully this tide chart will help you schedule your fishing times to put the most fish in the bucket.

Tide Chart for Fishermen and Beachcombers

This chart shows Fort De Soto Park tides; specifically, in the Egmont Channel off Egmont Key, at Latitude 27.6017, Longitude -82.7600.

The chart is for beachcombers and fishermen--it should not be relied upon for navigation.

When viewing the data for today's date, the red vertical line shows the current time (when the chart data was displayed). You can move forward or backward, one day at a time. If the chart is displaying a day other than today, obviously the red vertical line will not be seen.

Time is shown using the 24 hour system, and tide levels are in feet above or below the "Mean Lower Low Water".

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Fishing the flats off the east tip

Float your fishing gear in an inner tube and try the flats off the east tip.

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