Boatlaunch ramp and dock.

An excellent ramp and dock for launching boats. And if this launch area is busy, then just pick another one (below).

Hitch up your boat and trailer and head for the launch area, which is located on the right, just after you enter the park. This launch area is a boater's dream. Very easy launching, and lots of room for parking your vehicle and trailer.

The floating docks means that mooring your boat and loading people and supplies are easy, no matter what the tide.

Take a run over to Egmont Key. Tilt up your outboard and go right in to the shallows. Relax on the beautiful beach. Or head over to the flats off the east tip of the park, put the anchor down, and do some fishing.

Lots of room for launches.

800 feet of ramp space for boat launches, and acres of parking too!

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