Each gun had a 12-man crew to manually load and aim it. The crew would choose either a 800-, 824-, or 1046-pound projectile, along with a powder charge in a silk bag weighing 54 to 67 pounds. After the powder bag was in the mortar, the sergeant would hang a fuse containing 1 1/4 pounds of black powder onto the breech end of the powder bag. The fuse was ignited by the electrical primer which fired the silk bag powder charge. The minimum range of the mortar was 1.25 miles at 70 degrees and a maximum range of 6.8 miles at 45 degrees.

gearing for elevation

Elevation is controlled through large gear mechanism.

azimuth drive mechanism

Azimuth is controlled from here. Before firing, the foot pedals lock the rotating platform to protect the gearing from the impact of the recoil.

Data booth

Data booth controlled the firing of the mortars.

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