(Tampa Bay History and Florida Historical Quarterly articles can be found at Fort De Soto Park, Heritage Village-Pinellas County Historical Museum in Largo, St. Petersburg Junior College, Eckerd College, USF, and most local public libraries in the Tampa Bay area. If you can't find these journals, check with the reference librarian in any of the above-mentioned libraries.)

Tampa Bay History journal articles:

Addeo, Alicia and Bart Moore. "Crossbows to Bombers: The Military History of Mullet Key."
Tampa Bay History, Spring/Summer 1990: 3-18.

Addeo, Alicia. "Fort De Soto: A Photographic Essay."
Tampa Bay History, Fall/Winter 1992: 47-61.

Addeo, Alicia. "Tampa is a BUM Place: The Letters of First Sergeant Henry A. Dobson in 1898".
Tampa Bay History Spring/Summer 1998: 48-60.

Gatewood, William B., "Black Troops in Florida during the Spanish-American War"
Tampa Bay History Spring/Summer 1998: 17-32.

Montero, Dana. "Training at Tampa's Drew Field During World War II."
Tampa Bay History, Spring/Summer 1991.

Mormino, Gary R. "Tampa's Splendid Little War: A Photo Essay."
Tampa Bay History, Fall/Winter 1982.

Prouty, Ronald N. "War Comes to Tampa Bay: The Civil War Diary of Robert Watson."
Tampa Bay History, Fall/Winter 1988.

Scherr, Abraham. "Tampa's MacDill Field during World War II."
Tampa Bay History, Spring/Summer 1995.

Stafford, John W. "Egmont Key: Sentinel of Tampa Bay."
Tampa Bay History, Spring/Summer 1980.

Sullivan, John J. "One a Day in Tampa Bay": B-26 Bomber Training at MacDill Air Base during World War II."
Tampa Bay History, Spring/Summer 1989.

Florida Historical Quarterly articles:

Bickel, Karl A. "Robert E. Lee in Florida."
Florida Historical Quarterly, July 1948: 59-66.

Falero, Frank, Jr. "Naval Engagements in Tampa Bay, 1862."
Florida Historical Quarterly, October 1967: 134-140.

Johnson, Dudley S. "Henry B. Plant and Florida,"
Florida Historical Quarterly October 1966: 118-131.

Schellings, William J. "The Advent of the Spanish American War, 1898,"
Florida Historical Quarterly April 1961: 311-329. ***Highly Recommended***

_____________________. "Florida and the Cuban Revolution 1895-1898,"
Florida Historical Quarterly October 1960: 175-186.

___________________. "Florida Volunteers in the War with Spain, 1898,"
Florida Historical Quarterly July 1962: 47-59.

Coast Defense Study Group Journal article:

McCall, Bruce E. "Coastal Defense of Tampa Bay."
Coast Defense Study Group Journal, August 1996 (Volume 10, Issue 3): 52-86.
(Found at Fort De Soto Park in drawer one)


Brown, Robin C., Florida's First People, Sarasota, Florida
Pineapple Press, Inc., 1994.

Browning, Robert S. III. Two If By Sea-the Development of American Coastal Defense Policy.
Contributions in Military History, Number 33. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1983.
(Not found in the local public libraries therefore it must be ordered inter-library loan at the circulation desks, one copy exists at USF-St. Pete campus, Fort De Soto Park does not have a copy).

Cosmas, Graham A., An Army for Empire
The United States Army in the Spanish American War, (paperback), 1998. (Fort De Soto Park does not have a copy)

Freidel, Frank Burt. The Splendid Little War.
Boston: Little, Brown, 1958.
(Found in some local or college libraries-not at Fort De Soto Park)

Gatewood, William B. (Editor), Smoked Yankees: And the Struggle for Empire
Letters from Negro Soldiers, 1898-1902, (paperback), University of Arkansas: 1987. (Fort De Soto Park does not have a copy).

Hawk, Robert, Florida's Army: Militia/State Troops/National Guard 1565-1985 Englewood, Florida
Pineapple Press, Inc., 1986. (We have a copy at Fort De Soto Park)

Hogg, Ian V. Fortress-A History of Military Defense.
New York: St. Martin's Press, 1975.
(We have a copy at Fort De Soto Park).

Katcher, Philip. The U.S. Army 1890-1920
London: Osprey Publishing, 1990.
(We have a copy at Fort De Soto Park).

Covington, Dr. James B. Plant's Palace-Henry B. Plant and the Tampa Bay Hotel.
Prospect, Kentucky: Harmony House Publishers, 1990.
[chapter 7 is recommended]

O'Toole, G.J.A. The Spanish War, An American Epic-1898.
New York: W.W. Norton & Company, 1984.
[highly recommended]

Lewis, Emanual Raymond. Seacoast Fortifications of the United States: An Introductory History
Annapolis, Maryland: Leeward Publishers, 1979.
(We have a copy at Fort De Soto Park). [recommended]

Lewis, William J., Interpreting for Park Visitors
(paperback), 1960.

Milanich, Jerald T. Florida Indians and the Invasion from Europe, Gainesville, Florida
University Press of Florida, 1995.

Post, Charles Johnson. The Little War of Private Post: The Spanish American War Seen Up Close
(paperback), 1999. (Fort De Soto Park does not have a copy)

Sarty, Roger F. Coast Artillery, 1815-1914
Historical Arms Series No. 21, New York: Museum Restoration Service, 1988.
(We have a copy at Fort De Soto Park).

Shofner, Jerrell. Florida Portrait.
Sarasota, Florida: Pineapple Press, 1990.
(Found in most local or college libraries-not at Fort De Soto Park)

Tebeau, Charlton and William Marina, History of Florida
(paperback) revised version, 1999. Check with the Florida Historical Society website for the 1999 edition or Amazon.com ***highly recommend***

Tilden, Freeman, Interpreting Our Heritage
Chapel Hill books (paperback), 1977. (Fort De Soto Park does not have a copy)

Government publications:

Coast Artillery Drill Regulations, United States Army, 1914.
Washington: GPO, 1917.

Handbook for the Use of Electricians in the Operation and Care of Electrical Machinery and Apparatus of the Seacoast Defenses.
Washington: GPO, 1902.

Technical Manual No.9-456, 12-inch Mortar M1890MI mounted on 12-inch Mortar Carriage m1896MI and 1896 MII.
War Department, Washington, October 17, 1942.

Drill Regulations for Coast Artillery, United States Army.
Washington: GPO, 1906. (12-inch mortars: 113-116 in 12-mortar file, 3-inch gun: 144-148 in 3-inch gun file.)

Coast Artillery Drill Regulations United States Army.
Washington: GPO, 1909. (12-inch mortars: 43-53 in 12-inch mortar file, 3-inch gun: 96-100 in 3-inch gun file.)

Instructions for Mounting, Using, and Caring for Driggs-Seabury 15-Pounder Rapid Fire Guns and their Masking Parapet Mounts No. 1756.
Washington: GPO, 1904.

Hines, Frank T. and Franklin W. Ward. The Service of Coast Artillery Publication authorized by the War Department.
New York: Goodenough & Woglom Company, 1910. *** All volunteers should take a look at this book. ***

Instructions for Mounting, Using, and Caring for 6-inch Rapid-Fire Gun, Armstrong No. 1752, May 21, 1903.
Washington: GPO, 1917.

Winslow, Col. Eben E. Notes on Seacoast Fortification Construction.
Washington: GPO, 1920. [recommended]

Sarles, Frank B. Jr. Historic Sites Report on Fort De Soto Park, Pinellas County, Florida.
The National Survey of Historic Sites and Buildings, Dept of the Interior, National Park Service, 1960.

Wisser, John P. The Tactics of Coast Artillery
Kansas City, Mo. Franklin Hudson Publishing Co., 1908. (Not available at Fort De Soto Park-I ordered it university inter-library loan and it came from Fort Benning, Georgia's U.S. Army Infantry School library.)

Other sources:

Austin, Robert J. Howard Hansen, Charles Fuhrmeister. An Archaeological and Historical Survey of the Unincorporated Areas of Pinellas County, Florida.
Conducted for the Pinellas County Board of County Commissioners, Clearwater, Florida. Piper Archaeological Research, Inc., (now Janus Research), St. Petersburg, 1991.
(We have a copy at Fort De Soto Park).

Schellings, William John. Tampa, Florida: Its Role In The Spanish American War, 1898.
Master's thesis, University of Miami, 1954.
(There is a bound copy at USF Special Collections in Tampa and we have a copy at Fort De Soto Park)

The Splendid Little War (videorecording), produced/directed by William b. Styple; written by Brian C. Pohanka and William B. Styple, Kearny.
NJ: Belle Grove Publishing, 1992. Credits: Narrated by John Henry Kurtz. Summary: uses archival footage of actual Spanish-American War events, showing the first war captured on film.
(Found in the Dunedin public library-not at Fort De Soto Park)

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