Buffalo Soldiers

Left to right, Earl Crutchfield, Bishop Padget, and Leroy Carolina represent the Buffalo Soldiers. During the Spanish-American war, Buffalo Soldiers fought in Cuba and the Philipines.

Spanish soldier

Mike Alvarez demonstrates a Spanish soldier getting ready to fire. He is fully equipped with the typical field equipment of that time.

Rifles from the Spanish-American War

Top of picture: 7 x 57 mm Mauser Rifle. The Spanish forces used this German-designed rifle during the Spanish American War. This weapon, with smokeless powder, was superior to either of the American weapons shown here.
Middle: Krag-Jorgensen .30-40 Rifle. This bolt-action, magazine-loading, smokeless powder rifle was used by US troops but was in short supply.
Bottom: Trap Door .45-70 Springfield. This single-shot, black powder rifle was used by US troops. It was out of date compared to the superior weapons above.

Magazine on a Mauser rifle

Magazine on a Mauser rifle.

Weapons demonstration at the Park

Weapons demonstration at Fort De Soto Park.

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